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#160: Don’t Get A Dog

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What is it that makes middle-aged women not only run out en masse and get dogs, but become more attached to their dogs than to, say, their husbands and children? To spend more money on an automatic dog feeder than on home dinners?

Never mind, don’t answer that, I know what: The dogs actually like them!  Want to spend time with them!

While I understand, on an emotional level, the pull of midlife dog ownership, I am here to say: Resist.   And if it’s too late to resist, i.e. your youngest kid has gone to college leaving you as sole caregiver to his also-middle-aged dog, then at least resist making your relationship with your dog the most meaningful one in your life.

And if it’s too late for that?  Well, then you’ve got to run out and buy my new humor book Rabid: Are You Crazy About Your Dog or Just Crazy?   Track your rabidness every day on the Rabid tumblr, and commune with your fellow Rabidians on the Rabid Facebook page.

As with How Not To Act Old, if having a dog is inevitable, at least you should know how to laugh about it.

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