You look amazing. For your age, I mean. But what about the rest of you? Your, you know, behavior. Are you acting older than you want to seem? Are you sure? Here’s how to stop that.

I started How Not To Act Old in the summer of ’08 because, well, just because I felt like it.  I was sick of going to parties and listening to people drone on about their grownup children rather than talking about themselves.  I was tired of standing in line behind people painfully counting out exactly 58 cents.  Don’t they know that makes them look like a little old person?, I wondered.  Someone should tell them to stop.   So I decided to do just that.

hntaocoverA month later, I sold the idea as a book to Harper Collins, which came out in August 2009 and in its first week hit the New York Times Bestseller List at #7.  My son Owen came up with the concept for the cover, which I love.  The fabulous More Magazine ran an excerpt.  The book is two-thirds new material, not found on the blog, and the new stuff on the blog isn’t in the book.

And now How Not To Act Old has been optioned by DreamWorks, to be either a movie or a television series.  I guess they’re debating: How best to portray Pam’s wonderfulness?  As played by Julia Roberts, with George Clooney as her husband, on the big screen?  Or week after week on TV, so Pam has lots of money in her old age with which to buy herself young lovers?

What all this means for you: You better buy the book right now.  Or risk doing something embarrassing that I will then immortalize.