Tuesday, February 16th, 2010...12:10 pm

Go Ho!

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Today, the best thing you can do not to act old is to rush over to my brand new website, Ho Springs. Ho Springs is an online serialized novel that will be updated every day by me, with contributions from fabulous other writers like Benilde Little, who’s writing meth ho Taryn’s Little Black Book, and Debra Galant, who is doing tarot readings for the Ho Springs gang.

There are recipes from food writer and former restaurant owner Susan Sherrill Axelrod, and Juliette’s Secret Diary, by my intern and secret How Not To Act Old informant Danielle Miksza.

Ho Springs also features original music — the first selection is Wandering Feet by Matt Michael — and a gorgeous design by Katie Mancine and Dennis Tobenski. I promise it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before and I hope you’ll get addicted.

You can also become a fan of Ho Springs on facebook, and follow the site on twitter @hosprings.

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