Monday, August 3rd, 2009...5:44 am

NEW VIDEO: She Read The Book, Kind Of….

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Tomorrow the How Not To Act Old book officially hits the stores, but our woman somehow managed to snag an advance copy and read it cover to cover.

Well, she read all the good parts. While also leaving a voice mail for her daughter, sending mass emails to her friends, and cooking a pot roast for dinner. So she doesn’t necessarily remember every single word….

And now she can’t find her book. Better run right out and buy another copy.

Thanks to the fabulous director and photographer Alexa Garbarino, whose own gorgeous book Ripe is coming soon; to the scarily talented Age Policeman Noah Levinson; to the brilliant novelist Debbie Galant, who was moved to burn her leopardskin clothes after I borrowed them; and to Fitzgerald’s 1928 in Glen Ridge, NJ for the gorgeous location.

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