Friday, July 31st, 2009...11:33 am

#139: Can The Burgers and Beer

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Burger_Beer_01I don’t know what summer weekends mean to you, but to me they represent an excuse to eat huge messy hamburgers, charred black on the outside and oozing red inside, with salty buttered corn and dripping watermelon and gooey deviled eggs, all washed down by an ice cold beer.  Or five.

Except now the Evil Young are wrecking all these classic foods (and drinks) for us, by attempting to “improve” them. So when you haul your sorry old ass to a picnic, instead of reaching for a nice crusty wiener or a big mug o’ ale, you might want to hold out for smoky red deviled eggs and a beer-cocktail combo called (I kid you not) the Hipster BBQ, as detailed by the New York Times.

Now, pretend like a shot of vodka, some lime juice, and several shakes of seasoning salt were exactly what that ice-cold beer needed.  Act like a deviled egg never lived until it was infused with tomato paste and red wine vinegar. And who wants a regular old hamburger when you can have a goat burger?

And if that doesn’t make you feel youthful enough, you can always skip the trip down to the 7-11 for the $2.29 sixpack of burger buns and instead bake your own brioche buns,  which should take no more than five hours from beginning to end.  I know there’s nothing that makes me feel younger and hipper on a 90 degree day than mixing up a batch of homemade burger buns!

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