Thursday, June 12th, 2008...10:29 am

#7: Don’t Count Out Exact Change

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You’ve been there: In line behind the middle-aged woman who says, “Wait a minute! I think I have the exact change!,” and then proceeds to rummage through the recesses of her bag in search of the precise assortment of quarters and dimes and nickels and pennies that make up the price of her knee-high hose or chicken pot pie.

The reasoning seems to be that, if you pay for something with exact change, you at one stroke declutter your purse and get whatever you’re buying for less. You’ve traded in all those heavy, jangly spare coins for a nourishing meat pie! And acted like you’re doing the poor cashier a big fat favor in the process.

But listen, change is inevitable. No matter how many pennies you get rid of, more will always come your way. And you’re just annoying everybody in the meantime.

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