Thursday, August 20th, 2009...8:12 am

#142: Don’t Be Afraid To Drive, Even If Your Car Is Old and Rusty, Your Key Is Broken, and You Think You’re Too Fat To Fit Behind The Wheel

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I had one of those dreams last night like people have in the movies — you know, dreams that so perfectly symbolize everything they’re doing and feeling that they can only be made up.

But this one was real.  In the dream, I came upon this old, rusty, leaf-filled Model T parked on a city street, facing (this is significant) toward the right.  I wanted to drive it, needed to drive it, but it looked so broken down I was afraid it might not even go.  So I enlisted the aid of a younger woman, a more able driver (I thought) to get it going.

I had the key to the car, but it was twisted, and then the key part broke clear off from the part you hold in your hand.  To make matters more difficult, I was supposed to fit this broken key into a slot in a hat I was wearing — push it right into my brain, I mean.

Even when I managed to get the broken key in place, and to get the car started, I was afraid I wouldn’t fit behind the wheel (the younger, thinner woman did).

But then I just tried, and lo and behold I fit, and I got the car into gear and onto the street, and then the younger driver kind of disappeared, and I was flying.  And I felt so happy that, despite being afraid everything was too old and rusty and broken and ill-fitting, I was able to take off.

Just like How Not To Act Old, on the NY Times Bestseller List for Week 2.  I think there’s gotta be a motivational speech in here somewhere.


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