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POP QUIZ: When Did You Stop Being Young?

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RE2304 Red Record PlayerIt was all over for me in 1987 — my youth, that is. At least that’s according to the musical quiz in the Chicago Tribune, which claims to pinpoint the moment you got old by zeroing in on the first year you fail to recognize summer’s biggest pop song.

I wouldn’t say not being able to hum along with the big summer hit makes you old so much as it makes you not young. In fact, this chart pretty accurately identifies when your adolescence started — mine was launched in 1964, with the Beatles’ “Hard Day’s Night” — and when you became officially out of it.

Uncanny, because I well remember the summer of 1986’s big hit, Madonna’s “Papa Don’t Preach” — yet could not hum along with 1987’s “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” by U2 if you had a gun pressed to my temple. In fact, the only big summer song I really know from that point on is, sadly, the Macarena.

Makes sense, since in the beginning of 1987 we bought our first house and had to face taht fascinating procedure of the United States postal office address change, and our oldest child started school, and I had to make a lot of money. And it pretty much has gone on like that ever since. Hello mortgage and parenthood, goodbye songs of summer.

When did your youth end?

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